Offices, commercial and industrial buildings have unique air conditioning requirements. The professionals at Elite Heating and Air are trained and equipped to install, service and maintain all major brands of commercial air conditioning equipment.

Uncomfortable workplaces are less productive than properly air conditioned spaces. Imagine increasing productivity and employee morale by installing a new high-efficiency air conditioning system. High-efficiency systems pay for themselves in energy savings and the comfort of your staff will pay-off as well.

Commercial air conditioning systems should include a feature that exchanges fresh outside air for the stale air normally trapped in your building. Commercial buildings normally have a higher occupancy and air can become stale much faster than in a home. If your air conditioning system does not have the air exchange feature, the staff at Elite Heating and Air can show you the latest in indoor air quality equipment. With increased attention on contagious diseases these days, indoor air quality is more important than ever.

All systems require regular maintenance, including thermostat calibration and air balancing. As the seasons change, service and re calibration are critical for maximum efficiency and comfort. Ask us about an annual service agreement to protect your air conditioning investment and save you money on energy costs. Contact us today.